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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Thanks to all the people who came to the opening last week, it was a great crowd and a successful opening. The exhibitions continue through to the 18th August.

The reading room is heading into August but before then, there are a couple of events left in July that you should get along too. More details below.

For the most up-to-date info check back here or the facebook group.

Eat IT! The card game
Wed 28th July from 8pm
Eat It is a Collectable Card Game for two or more players (think Uno). made in SA by Adapt Enterprises. Add 8 Special Cards to a standard 52-card deck and deal out the cards. Each player takes it in turns to play cards on the stack. If you can’t beat it, you gotta EAT IT! (pickup the cards), with the object being to get rid of your cards first! Enjoy hours of fun serving up your friends!
We are holding a games night dedicated to playing the game so you too can experience the social phenomena of ‘eating it!
facebook event one
or facebook event two.

Hindley Street Beats Reading Group
Thu 29th July from 6:30pm
The Subject will be "The Apology of Socrates" Plato's version of the speech given by Socrates as he defends himself against the charges of not believing in the Gods.
The following weeks will be mainly focused on Robert Graves' translations of the Greek Myths.
Come and hang for an hour or so with young people from all over Adelaide, and discuss and learn Ancient Greek Mythology and Philosophy.
For any further information please do not hesitate to ring Devon on 0432-114-392.
facebook event.

Movie nights - 6pm Saturdays.
Future film nights will be on hold until I get back from working at the Melbourne International Film Festival in mid-August.

22/7/2010 - 18/8/2010 :: Exhibitions
Meg Cowell :: Have Love, Will Travel
Racquel Austin-Abdullah :: The Sun Always Shines in Brompton
Exhibitions continue to 18/8/2010. All welcome.

Opening Hours
Opening hours have now been established for the reading room:
Mon :: closed
Tue - Fri :: 2:30pm - 7pm (later if an event is on)
Sat :: 1:30pm - 7pm
Sun :: closed

Thanks again for following this project. If you have any ideas for events please contact me anytime, or drop into the reading room.
PS Donations of books, bookshelves, lamps, tea and rugs are always welcome!

See you in the reading room soon.

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