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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the reading room :: e-newsletter #34

Hi all,

Another week, another newsletter. I wonder, do any of you have any suggestions for the reading room, any ideas? We're just winging it really. This week I came in and we had a new sign, and a can of paint to make the wall pretty. People contribute to the reading room in their own little ways all the time. And we love it. If you have something to contribute, please don't be shy.

Maybe you are shy...but still want to contribute? Have you donated to our Pozible project yet? Haha, good segue! Play your own part in how the reading room grows - donate at: our pozible page.

In its final days is Natasha Lee's photographic exhibition, Second. Come and see her beautiful works before Thursday. There are still some beautiful pieces for sale.

Our next exhibition for July has been announced: PRETTY/UGLY by Shaylee Leach and Daria Healy-Kolianin. Opens on the 14th July - all welcome!

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Here's what's coming up at the reading room...

:: Thursday 2nd June - 7th July :: EXHIBITION EXTENDED
Natasha Lee Exhibition. Photographic work exploring the rights of Women in Turkey. Ends Thursday 7th July.
Come and be inspired by this beautiful photographic exhibition.
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:: Wednesday 6th July ::
Monthly meeting of the Adelaide Feminists Reading Group.
This month's discussion: Given the recent scandal in the meat industry, it's appropriate that we're sinking our teeth into 'The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Vegetarian-Feminist Critical Theory' in which Carol Adams explains the links between meat, patriarchy, feminism and animal rights. It's still a controversial book twenty years later, so we hope to have you join us for the discussion.
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:: Friday 8th July ::
We host resident poet, Kathryn Hummel
Kathryn will be in the reading roomfrom 4pm - 6pm each Friday. She'll be collaborating with visitors and regulars to the reading room, working to create a perforamnce based on what has been created during her residency. Here's an update of her work so far:

:: Monday 11th July ::
CHESS NIGHT from 6 - 8pm
Fortnightly on Mondays, come and play chess at the reading room.
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:: Thursday 14th July ::
Daria and Shaylee are two 19 year old emerging artists from regional areas, that have recently moved to Adelaide to start their first year studying Visual art at UniSA. Daria has been a part of White Cube Mildura, Mildura Backlane festival 2011 and Sketchbook project. Shaylee is a 2011 JUMP artist, being mentored by Deborah Paauwe, she has also recently been commissioned to create works for the Rundle Street Lantern by CountryArts SA & SALA moving image project.
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:: Friday 5th August ::
To The Surface :: SALA Exhibition by Meg Cowell
Our SALA show is by the wonderful Meg Cowell - the first artist to exhibit at the reading room 1 year ago!
These portraits feature varyingly ambiguous garments and items of fabric. Light catches a tiny constellation of bubbles. Dark water creatures waft to the surface.
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