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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

the reading room :: e-newsletter #62

Hi all

If you missed Renée's opening last week, and all the cuteness that came with it, don't worry! It's still up! Closes on Feb 20th. Then our next show opens on Feb 23rd - Hard Lines by Kat Coppock and Tiff Hampton. And, also coming, our Fringe show, Twins! Showing from Tues - Sat for the first two weeks of Fringe...more details below.

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Here's what's coming up at the reading room...


:: Thursday 2nd February - Saturday 18th February ::

Renée O'Connell exhibition
Little google eyed Sushi was spawned from my imagination late 2007 whilst experimenting with spay paints & stencils. He had a very small & short debut throughout the streets of Adelaide but shortly after a few gigs at the old Zhivago's & Urban cow studio his cheeky little face shied away from the public eye..
Recently I decided to challenge myself by taking on this project at the Reading room so I dusted off ye old sewing machine & transcended his tiny little being onto crafts & bags.. So come forth & see his metamorphosis as a crafty felty little guy. Hopefully he can warm the cockles of your hearts as he has mine.
Facebook event

:: Monday 13th February & Tuesday 14th February ::
Happiness Sessions at the reading room :: Monday evening, 6pm - 7:30, Tuesday afternoon, 12:30 - 1, 1 - 1:30.
The 13th of Feb will be mostly a happiness and laughter session.
Come explore how awesome you can make yourself feel, and experience the therapeutic effects of laughing as hard as you can for as long as possible

14th Feb, 12:30
Midday relaxation. Take 30 minutes of your lunch hour to completely let go with a guided deep relaxation. Bring your workmates and friends.
14th Feb, 1pm There will be a guided relaxation and visualisation. These personal development sessions will be different each week. This weeks session will involve a journey in our imagination, to a lake of tranquility.
There we will cultivate our own inner unshakable ocean of peace.

Payment is by what you think the session is worth - our payment jar is anonymous, and no one is watching. ;)
Improving your life is priceless.
Contact Frazer for more

:: Tuesday 14th February:: Special Fancy Victoria Square Meeting
Adelaide Teen Fiction Reading Group/Library Lovers Week :: 11:00am - 2:00pm
Basically, for Library Lovers' Week there's a bunch of activities happening in the square INCLUDING a dandy book club meeting! That's us!
The scheduled book was Dream Catcher but seeing as how we've not got much time and all, I suggest reading a readily available short book instead. Discussion with Alistair has led the book in question to be...
Get excited. Get reading. Bring your friends! The Lord Mayor might be there!

Facebook event

:: Wednesday 15th January ::
Fourth Meeting of the Teen Fiction Reading Group :: 6:30pm - 9:30pm

'Dreamhunter' by Elizabeth Knox
"...Set in 1906, Dreamhunter describes a world very similar to ours, except for a special place, known simply as The Place, where only a select group of people can go. These people are called Dreamhunters and they harvest dreams which are then transmitted to the general public for the purposes of entertainment, therapy - or terror and political coercion..."

:: Adelaide Fringe 2012 ::
Two shows! Plus more to be announced soon!
:: Thursday 23rd February - Sun 18th March :: Hard Lines by Kat Coppock & Tiff Hampton
Exhibition opening :: Thursday 23rd Feb, 6pm - 8pm - there will be cupcakes!
Fresh off the back of exhibitions "Les Petites Morts" and "Dirty Truth" respectively, local Adelaide artists Kat Coppock and Tiff Hampton have collaborated for a special Fringe mash-up of epic proportions!
Celebrating the theme of festival excesses, Hard Lines takes the normal and turns it towards the absurd. These two artists paint, draw, and collage their interpretation of emotional, physical, and psychological indulgence resulting in the largest exhibition ever held in this space.
200 original works by these artists will be priced below the poverty line, with all proceeds going to the human condition's noble cause. Following purchase, works are immediately available to take home, commemorating your moment of decadence forever.
Facebook event

:: Tuesday 28th February - Saturday 10th March :: Twins by Isobel Roberts-Orr
7:30 - 8:30, Tues - Sat. Bar open before, and after!
Patti and Sam have created their own world; a dark, satisfying fantasy. But the outside world begins to interfere. Unwilling to leave the cage they have made for themselves so enters Tai. A person they adopt. The seemingly innocuous Tai soon threatens to contaminate and destroy their perfect, insular paradise. Fringe event page - buy tickets here! Tickets from $14 - or just $10 on opening night!

Finally a special mention for another Fringe show that features the reading room: the Three Minute Project premiere!
:: Friday 16th March at 7pm  & Saturday 17th March at 2pm ::
Premiere of the Three Minute Project, a film by Gen Brandenburg filmed entirely in the reading room throughout 2011.
Mercury Cinema - see here for more details:

the reading room
153 hindley st :: adelaide

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