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Thursday, May 17, 2012

the reading room :: e-newsletter #75


Tonight, not at the reading room, get to 4x4-4 at the Academy - where you will see work by one of our very own volunteers - Angelica Harris-Faull. Another of our super talented volunteers, Bonnie McCrossan, opened her exhibtiion last Thursday and it's a good-un. Still up until the end of May so come on down.

Don't forget we have board games to play, and space to book events. If you're interested in putting on an event with us, just send us an email. We'll soon be launching a Sunday market. Interested stallholders please get in touch.

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Here's what's coming up at the reading room...
:: Thursday 10th May - Wednesday 30th May :: Pop Vomit - A Retrospective by Bonnie McCrossan"Hello my lovely ladies and gents! I would like to invite you all to an exhibition opening that will be an absolute shame to miss out on. My entire artistic history will be on show and most pieces are even available to buy! Come, dance, talk, be cultured and drink the wino on offer! Pop Culture is my main inspiration. Pop Culture is at times both the very best and the very worst, its lowbrow acconatations link it towards glossy magazines and tacky tabloid blogs. But at the heart of this incredible topic is the juxtaposition of beauty, trash and glamor. Normal people trying (and at times succeeding) to be more than what they truly are, reaching and pushing to whatever lengths they can to get to the top."
Facebook event

:: Friday 25th May ::
Hardboiled P
oetry Slam  :: from 7:30pm til lateInline image 2
Hard Boiled is a fast paced boisterous night of open mic poetry where the best reader on the night can walk away with $$$ Not bad for 3 poems! If you don’t win, you could walk away with some books, booze or even the coveted Hard Boiled booby prize! Entry is free, the raffle is gold coin donation. It all kicks off 8ish! So iron that turtleneck, dust off the beret & don’t forget your stubbie holder for a night of poetry that will make your toes curl with joy!
Facebook event

:: Mondays & Tuesdays :: Happiness Sessions at the reading room ::
Monday evening, 6pm - 7:30 - Laughing Room
Could your life be any more awesome? An hour a week of serious laughter would almost certainly make it so. Laughter warm ups, laughing hard, and rolling around on the floor laughing are all guaranteed. Come along, even if you've never laughed before, we will make it easy for you. Mental training is like any other form of training - do it once, and it will be fun and have some benefits in your life. Do it often and you become fit, healthy and skillful. Do it often, and you wont be able to stop laughing.
Tuesday afternoon, 12:30 - 1pm - Tuesday lunch destress session
Take 30 minutes of your lunch hour to completely let go with a guided deep relaxation. Bring your workmates and friends.
Tuesday afternoon, 1pm - 1:30 - Inner peace and tranquility session
These personal development sessions will be different each week. This weeks session will involve a journey in our imagination, to a lake of tranquility. There we will cultivate our own inner unshakable ocean of peace.
Payment is by what you think the session is worth - our payment jar is anonymous, and no one is watching. Improving your life is priceless.
Contact Frazer for more info:
or 0413700718.

:: Tuesdays :: Dancing Room!
If you feel like dancing but can't wait for the weekend, try Dancing Room! Tuesday nights, with the location announced Guerilla style on their facebook page. Please note it is not an event that is facilitated by the Reading Room, but a separate commitee. The best way to find out where it is held each week is via their facebook page.

Tues 22nd May :: Dancing Theatre one-off event at Queens TheatreFor a special collaborative Dancing Room event, we are migrating for one night to the beautiful historic Queen's Theatre on Playhouse Lane. We will dance on our regular Tuesday night, starting at our regular time, but have decided to dance before Tuesday night's performance of the new Brink Productions' Land and Sea.
Will you come and make a special occasion even more special? It's an opportunity to dance in a pretty special place, before a pretty special performance. Stick around and see the show, or just dance and perform your own show.
Facebook event

:: Wednesday 6th June ::
May Meeting of the Adelaide Feminists Reading Group :: 6:30 - 9:30

This month we're reading a classic- bell hooks' Ain't I a Woman: Black Women and Feminism, and find out how relevant it is in its criticism of white privilege in feminism, forty years later. Happy reading!
Facebook event

the reading room
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