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Thursday, June 28, 2012

July Show :: Sam Squires :: Recent Paintings


Sam Squires :: Recent Paintings
Friday 29th June—31st July


Friday 20th June, 6pm

These large canvases hover off the walls, varying widely in appearance. They’re all abstract, formless barring the odd geometric shape.
Concerned with my own feelings about beauty and its variety and importance, all its links and personality that run between us, I generate works from my inconsistent feelings of exultance in life, linking memory with accident and discovery.

Hopefully you’ll find in these works the small inner, personal forms of beauty that you recognize in yourself and can take from them. and a poetic synthesis I’m attempting to pull from my time alive and seeing.  I I don’t expect anyone to see a story-line in my paintings, it should be all on the surface. I hope you see something in here you recognize and enjoy


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  1. God I really did lay the drivel on thick for this statement... I said I had nothing to say about them really. Now when you type my name in, here's my drivel! Gotta watch what you say on the internet, you think it's like a conversation, but everything is printed like a newspaper... terrible... good lesson in always being sincere