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Monday, October 1, 2012

Ula Blocksage :: Fragments

the reading room invites you to join us on Wednesday 3rd October at 6pm for the opening of our new exhibition

Image credit: 'Fragments', Ula Blocksage, 2012 (

Wednesday 3rd October :: Wednesday 17th October
Opening night event :: Wednesday 3rd October, 6-8pm
All Welcome

Artist's statement
All I have are fragments, memories of times now past. Fleeting moments, which linger in my mind, wrestle inside me, isolate me, yet complete me. I did not and will not try to name you, though you will not let me be… There will come a time when you will disappear, and despite my better judgment, consumed with the need of your torment, I will go on searching for another you.
{Fragment,. noun, 1. a part broken off or detached, 2. an isolated, unfinished, or incomplete part}

I have always felt an overwhelming desire to turn back time, to the great eras of the past, which I feel better correspond with my personality and mentality. Having romanticised about previous
epochs in my mind from an early age, I use my practice to acknowledge and explore associated feelings of desire, loss, isolation (both physical and temporal) and melancholia; creating symbolic metaphors and romantic narratives, which attempt to communicate the beauty, pain, quietness and stillness of recollection. My works are mirrors, reflections of memory, romantic ways of seeing.

Every image I capture, whether literally or metaphorically, is a self-portrait, each image echoing my fragmented existence. I am interested in the transient nature of time and memory and how
both elements translate into a photographic image. I draw upon the materiality of photograph and embrace the imperfections and unpredictable nature of each analogue process I employ, to
symbolically reference my preoccupation with time, and to acknowledge the impossibility of living within a romanticised memory of the past, respectively.
This exhibition, and the reading room are proudly supported by Fox Creek Wines

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