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Monday, December 17, 2012

the reading room :: e-newsletter #86


Today we launched a fundraising campaign - this will make it possible for us to bring you more events, for longer. To read more, visit our pozible page. Please share amongst your networks, we would love your support!
Don't forget about our membership program. As a member there are a bunch of great benefits from us, and also from our neighbours the Mercury Cinema and Imprints Booksellers. Check the Membership Page for more info.

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:: Thursday 6th December - Mon 31st December ::
Lana Adams :: Terra Firma
Last exhibition for 2012!
Opens 6 - 8pm :: all welcome
"We often forget that we are nature. Nature is not something separate from us. So when we say that we have lost out connection to nature, we've lost our connection to ourselves" - Andy Goldsworthy.
Lana Adams
Whilst having spent the past three years studying and living in a urban environment, Lana's work has continually concentrated on the natural world. As hard as the world tries to fight it - nature is man and man is nature. In a world where concrete is idealised over grass, nature is so far detached from us as creatures that when we return to nature it can either become a place of beauty and meditation, or - sadly to some - one where it doesn't seem natural at all anymore. Through this series of images Lana has explored this sense of returning to the environment and the connection between the physical forms of human and nature.
"I still have so much more to learn from my surroundings" - Lana Adams
Lana will have just completed her Bachelor of Visual Art and Design at AC Arts. Come and celebrate this, the end of the year (and...the world?), with us at the reading room

Weekly events

:: Mondays & Tuesdays :: Happiness Sessions at the reading room ::
Monday evening, 6pm - 7:30 - Laughing Room
Could your life be any more awesome? An hour a week of serious laughter would almost certainly make it so. Laughter warm ups, laughing hard, and rolling around on the floor laughing are all guaranteed. Come along, even if you've never laughed before, we will make it easy for you. Mental training is like any other form of training - do it once, and it will be fun and have some benefits in your life. Do it often and you become fit, healthy and skillful. Do it often, and you wont be able to stop laughing.
Tuesday  afternoon, 12:30 - 1:15pm - Tuesday lunch destress session
Take 30 minutes of your lunch hour to completely let go with a guided deep relaxation. Bring your workmates and friends.
Contact Frazer for more info:
 or 0413700718.

:: Tuesdays :: Dancing Room!
If you feel like dancing but can't wait for the weekend, try Dancing Room! Tuesday nights, with the location announced Guerilla style on their facebook page. Please note it is not an event that is facilitated by the Reading Room, but a separate commitee. The best way to find out where it is held each week is via their facebook page.


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