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Thursday, January 3, 2013

#HEX1 :: 100/100+

Opening Night :: Thursday 17th January
Come to our first exhibition for 2013! 

Opens 6 - 8pm :: all welcome

        The 100/100 series was an idea spawned out of uncertainty. My exploration of graffiti and street art had lead to an interesting place, but the path ahead was unclear. I decided one of the things I was missing so badly from my time at university was a deadline, and thus I imposed one of my own. I set out to make a sketch a day for 100 days, from the 17th June to 24th September.

         The result is an honest and unedited reflection of my creative energy through this time. The sketches demonstrate the moments of inspiration, of apathy, of intoxication. Some days I would do up to 6, many days I did none. I stretched in new, strange directions, fumbling for the one in which my work should move. Viewing the series as a group, I think it answers many of the questions I asked of myself when I began. Which is all I could ask of 100 pieces of paper.

                                                                                        - #HEX1

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Exhibition continues to 13th February 2013 

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