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Monday, January 28, 2013

It's over!

I would like to acknowledge our supporters who tipped this campaing over the target and beyond, to a whopping $2297! 
Not on this list are the anonymous supporters and those who chose no reward. 
Click on their names for more about how aweseom they are. If you're on this list without a link, please send it through and I will add.
Sam McMahon
Kylie Macey
Lily Hirsch
Dave Wilkinson
Rebecca Fletcher
Jo South
Alison Kershaw
michelle delaney
Stuart Johnson
Sam Wright
fee plumley
Jessica Stevens
Bonnie McCrossan
Dave Wilkinson
Kylie Phillips
Kitty Taylor
Kay Jamieson
Pete Muller
Louise Angrilli
Haneen Martin
Alice Fraser
Robert Balestrin
Marlaina Read
debra hackett
erik brasse
Sarah Lancaster
Alysha Herrmann
Cat Turner
Lew Vojvodic
megan rainey
Margaret Lloyd
Stephanie Lyall
Luke Penman
Tom Christophersen
Laurence Lacoon Williamson
Karl Brasse
Adam Barich & Common Ground Garden Design & Whistling Kite Wines
Frazer Kirkman 
Justin Boden

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