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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Eat It! at the reading room

Wed 28th July 8pm - 10pm

Consider yourself invited to…EAT IT!!

“Eat It is a Collectable Card Game for two or more players (think Uno). made in SA by Adapt Enterprises. Add 8 Special Cards to a standard 52-card deck and deal out the cards. Each player takes it in turns to play cards on the stack. If you can’t beat it, you gotta EAT IT! (pickup the cards), with the object being to get rid of your cards first! Enjoy hours of fun serving up your friends!
Remember – ‘if you can’t beat it… you gotta EAT IT!’
See you on the night guys – and invite your friends this is an excellent local product that needs your support – help make Adelaide culturally significant and supportive of new ideas."

Matt and Ross.
Adapt Enterprises

The makers of Eat IT! are holding a games night dedicated to playing the game so you too can experience the social phenomena of ‘eating it!’
8-10pm Wednesday 28th July at the reading room.

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