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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

News #4


Welcome to the reading room's fourth e-newsletter!

That's pretty exciting, it means we've been open for four weeks. Thanks to all everyone for all the support you've given to the project. I'm pleased to announce the new team of volunteers: Tina, Genevieve, Meg and Maddie. These lovely ladies will be sharing reading room duties over the next two weeks, while I'm at Melbourne Film Fest, and, lease extension pending, into the future. If you would like to add your name to the volunteer register, complete the volunteer registration form and email it to

This week we have an exhibition opening and a manga double feature. Next week there are plans for a games info night (more info soon) and a reading group night. Future film nights will be on hold until I get back (unless we don't get our lease extended), but to help with the difficult task of choosing films, I am asking for requests from the madman catalogue. Let me know what you would like to see, and I hope to be able to program it.

For the most up-to-date info check back here or the facebook group.


Movie nights - 6pm Saturdays.
Entry to all films is by cold-coin donation. Tea and popcorn are available for a small donation.
Bring your own nibbles and non-alcoholic drinks (sorry the venue is not licensed). The upcoming films are:

24/7/10 - STUDIO GHIBLI DOUBLE!. Starting with Ponyo followed by Howl's Moving Castle.


22/7/2010 - Exhibition Opening
Meg Cowell :: Have Love, Will Travel
Racquel Austin-Abdullah :: The Sun Always Shines in Brompton
Launch from 6pm, exhibition continues to 18/8/2010. All welcome.


Thanks again for following this project. If you have any ideas for events please contact me anytime, or drop into the reading room.

PS Donations of books, bookshelves, lamps, tea and rugs are always welcome!

See you in the reading room soon.

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