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Thursday, September 15, 2011

(SUB)URBAN ABSURD :: Matthew K (Festival of Unpopular Culture)

"Everything is absurd. You spend your Friday night at a laundromat. Everybody there is a grim caricature. You see an old man who rides the bus every day but never bathes or changes his shirt. You begin to suspect that the old man is god, and that you are an ape in pants on an Earth gone mad. You walk around the streets of your town. KFC boxes litter the landscape like turd confetti. Who are we? The ugly flowers growing up through the cracks in the concrete? You get the blues, you eat the MSG. Meanwhile, the greyfaced & the deadeyed carpet their lawns and speak to angels. Some days, I wonder why I ever came back to this planet." - St. Elsewhere.

MATTHEW K brings the '(SUB)URBAN ABSURD' to the reading room

a mixture of stencil/drawing/painting including a live soundtrack from future-love-space-jazz pioneer WYNN H.S (God God Dammit Dammit etc) and the room-sized 3D stencil art installation 'The Last Temptation of St. Elsewhere'

This is part of the first ever Festival of Unpopular Culture

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