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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fruzsi Kenez & Simon de Boer :: Drawn Together (SALA)

the reading room invites you to join us on Tuesday 7th August at 6pm for the opening of

Fruzsi Kenez & Simon de Boer :: Drawn Together
Tuesday 7th August - Sunday 26th August (SALA)

:: Tuesday 7th August, 6pm

This exhibition explores obsessive art making, resulting in an installation and performance work of journal-based drawing and painting.

One weekly performance of live drawing each Wednesday 2-4pm (for the duration of the exhibition)

Fruzsi Kenez
Fruzsi is currently undertaking a Masters in Art History at the University of Adelaide whilst maintaining her artistic practice. Being a storyteller, traveler and curious fan of the unusual, visual journals have been integral to Fruzsi's life (and sanity). These journals reflect the internal landscape of the eternal Gemini, ranging from quirky fruit-portraits to moody Schiele-esque nudes. In this exhibition she further explores the idea of obsessive drawing, as she will be making daily documentations based on social observations. In addition, she will create artist books from the drawings resulting from this exhibition.

Simon DeBoer
Simon graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Spec. Painting) from the Adelaide Central School of Arts in 2011 and has continued working at Tooth and Nail studios. Being an avid journaler and keen observer of the unnoticed things in life, Simon is drawing more often than not. Often sketching in transit, he favours organic lines over rigorous drawing methods. He finds beauty in subtlety and the unexpected, documenting the world around him with a ballpoint pen and Moleskine journal. In this exhibition he will further explore obsessive drawing through building up a large and constantly evolving body of work.

Image credit: Fruzsi Kenez, 'Untitled', 2012, watercolour and ink on Moleskine

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