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Friday, July 20, 2012

the reading room :: e-newsletter #79


We've been working hard lately. We have a membership program. We have updated our blog design. We have a coffee machine.We have 2 SALA shows, and a bunch of other awesome things.
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Here's what's coming up at the reading room...


:: Wednesday 1st August ::
August Meeting of the Adelaide Feminists Reading Group :: 6:30 - 9:30

Have you ever wondered why there are still so few women CEOs, lawyers, politicians and physical scientists? Is it to do with gender? Biology? Discrimination? And what does that mean for feminism? We're about to find out this month as we read Susan Pinker's 'The Sexual Paradox'. Look forward to seeing you there!
Facebook event

:: Saturday 4th August ::
SCD Community Jam :: 7 - 9pm
A relaxed approach to the Concepts of Sustainable Community Development Pty Ltd.
Beginning with a an Stand Up Comedy to introduce the ideas of Sustainable Community Development and for others to take the stage. Acoustic Jam to follow and yo are encouraged to bring your instruments and food to share. A bar will be available for drinks.
Sustainable Community Development is an open source company set up to represent the earth and to support the people equally. Focusing on creating community Networks, supporting earth friendly farming practices and connecting consumers with these practices. More info email:

+++ SALA 2012 +++

:: Sunday 5th August - Saturday 25th August ::
What's your crutch? - Fiona Gardner & Kat Coppock
Quintessentially SALA; Choreographer & Visual Artist merge to forge a provoking installation on themes of psychological dependency. Four shows during the SALA period by Kat Coppock and Fiona Gardner will combine dance and paint to take you on a journey through states we create to survive.Facebook event
:: Tuesday 7th August - Sunday 26th August ::
Drawn Together :: Fruzsi Kenez & Simon de Boer
Opening night
:: Tuesday 7th August, 6 - 8pm
DRAWN TOGETHER :: Fruzsi Kenez & Simon DeBoer :: SALA 2012
This exhibition explores obsessive art making, resulting in an installation and performance work of journal-based drawing and painting.
One weekly performance of live drawing each Wednesday 2-4pm (for the duration of the exhibition)
Facebook event

:: Thursday 20th September - Sunday 30th September ::
The Usurpologists :: Opening night Thursday 20th September 6 - 8pm
join 2 leading ursupologists on their quests to discover the secrets of the lost civilisations of bear kind. Join them as they trek through the jungles of South East Asia in search of clues which they hope will prove the existence of a mighty society built by bears for bears. Learn with the 2 ursupologists as they find out that their journey is more about learning about themselves and hardships that they encounter.

:: Friday 21st September ::
M2 Charity Fundraiser Op-Shop

Msquared was founded in 2011 as a registered charitable organisation aimed at raising funds to supply services and resources for underprivileged children in China and Sri Lanka.

Tonight's fundraiser is an 'Op Shop' market, with all proceeds raised going directly towards providing services and resources to deserving children in China and Sri Lanka. 
For more info about M2 visit their facebook page

Weekly events
:: Mondays & Tuesdays :: Happiness Sessions at the reading room ::
Monday evening, 6pm - 7:30 - 
Laughing Room
Could your life be any more awesome? An hour a week of serious laughter would almost certainly make it so. Laughter warm ups, laughing hard, and rolling around on the floor laughing are all guaranteed. Come along, even if you've never laughed before, we will make it easy for you. Mental training is like any other form of training - do it once, and it will be fun and have some benefits in your life. Do it often and you become fit, healthy and skillful. Do it often, and you wont be able to stop laughing.

Tuesday afternoon, 12:30 - 1pm - Tuesday lunch destress session
Take 30 minutes of your lunch hour to completely let go with a guided deep relaxation. Bring your workmates and friends.
Tuesday afternoon, 1pm - 1:30 - Inner peace and tranquility session
These personal development sessions will be different each week. This weeks session will involve a journey in our imagination, to a lake of tranquility. There we will cultivate our own inner unshakable ocean of peace.

Payment is by what you think the session is worth - our payment jar is anonymous, and no one is watching. Improving your life is priceless.
Contact Frazer for more info:
or 0413700718.

:: Tuesdays :: Dancing Room!
If you feel like dancing but can't wait for the weekend, try Dancing Room! Tuesday nights, with the location announced Guerilla style on their facebook page. Please note it is not an event that is facilitated by the Reading Room, but a separate commitee. The best way to find out where it is held each week is via their facebook page.

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